Sunday, November 23, 2008

Door Knockers & Dreamers Crew

i am currently crackin up at a comment i jus read from Patricia G. from VA; The Confessions of A Beauty Addict. LOL she said the bamboo earring gave it away [ see previous post ] that i am from Philly, i picked it up from New York, same thing. LMFAO! sooo truee Patricia! that and my door knockers i rock like there is no tomorrow. if your not sure what door knockers are allow me to show you ....

please excuse my retro behavior [ the clothes ] but i am stuck in the past. but yeh those earrings are called door knockers LOL theyre HUGE! i personally call em MY LUNCH BELL earrings because they look like the triangle bell you ring back in the days to inform students its lunch time. ONCE AGAIN .. my retro mind leakin agian. haha but i wear em even with the most classy looks. cocktail dress and all. and wow i look like im so young. like in the second pic im sayin "IM THIS MANY YEARS OLD! [ two ] " hahahaha! maybe it is jus a Philly & New York thing.


THEY ROCKED THE SHOW YESTERDAY! unfortunately i wasnt there! i got called in for work soooo last minute, we had a party reservations of 30, 16 , & 12 dining last night & they need some extra hands. so i missed it but hey check out this clip.

if you spot a kid with a plain red Polo , Black Chuck & red laces. thats my brother.
he's the one that did that crazy flip in the middle of the clip! he's a BEAST!
at the end of the vid you'd see a better view but we're identical YOU CANT MISS HIM lol
haha much love and support goes out to Dreamers Crew! from A.B.


I dont kno what i ordered from CLINIQUE but i really wanted that tote.
to go along with my other totes ive collected from them LOL
& hmmm UDPP... womps. let get this face ready for TWO FACED!

have a nice day. thanks for blogging! =]

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Crayonmonkee said...

i like em their cute on u

Anonymous said...

your brother has madd skills. lol to your triangle earing comment. thats the same thing i thought of too.

Kay said...

i loooove ur doorknockersss

vietxpinay. said...

ahaha, youre too cute!

Jen said...

thanks for subscribing =)

Anonymous said...

I had bought some (round) bamboo earrings from Express and I freakin lost em at the club! The sad thing is they are freaking heavy! so, you think I would have noticed...humm??
Ah, you crack me up! :)

Patricia G. said...

aaaw! HAHAHA! You are too cute! Hey, I would totally rock 'em too. I'd get hood with it too and have my name in them. lol.

fuzkittie said...

Love your layered tanks, very adorable~~ <3

Francesca said...

Love the DoorKnockers lmao.
Now i've gotta go get some and rock em' too :p

[$ H A R O N A] said...

i knock doors like theres no tomorrow. people really dont do it here in the chi like they do out east.


DSKNguyen said...

you're so pretty!

DSKNguyen said...

Thanks for the Vitamin E tip!
I take Vitamin E tablets everyday. I guess it really is good for you.

Thanks again!

DSKNguyen said...

OOoh so that's what you do.

I've been taking Vitamin E for years, my Dr. says it ok. I used to take C too. Vitamin E makes my skin feel good, seriously, it helps me prevent dry skin!!

Kay said...

awww well how much are you willing to pay for them?cuz thats how much i paid for them plus tax lol && theyre in MINT condition lol :D

Yas said...

adorable outfit! <3

Francesca said...

I tagged you for the 16 random facts.

let me know if you do it :)