Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello there beauty babes!

how was everyone's holiday? I hope all was well. I spent my xmas and new years with family so im content with that. thanks goodness the holidays are over ... I was pretty much a scrooge and couldn't stand the extreme jolliness of some. so with that said time to talk FACE MOISTURIZER! lol

so im lost ... im lookin for a specific type of moisturizer and my search has been endless. I found some with right ingredients bad reviews and some good reviews with wrong ingredients.

as of right now, im using, CLINIQUE's dramatically different moisturizing gel, which is a 3rd step in the CLINIQUE's 3-Step Skin Care System. I don't have the 3SSCS but I did buy the moisturizer by it self. I have combination skin so I figure it was worth a try a long time ago and it's been workin great for me, until I started breakin out. This moisturizer was only makin it worst for me, it's drying out my blemishes and my nose started to flake. =/ I know .... bummer. anywho, this moisturizing works great to calm your oil glands from producing a lot of oil and also give ur face a vibrant feel, which is probably due to the caffeine. but its not helpin in the acne department. my face has become acne-prone. I'm blaming it on stress, from working 2 jobs and never gettin enough sleep. so my face is jus tired and exhausted! arghhh. my moisturizer now is jus something simple for the time being. I forget the brand it's sittin in my bathroom cabinet but it contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. which I def need right now. but im really skeptical about using since it may bleach areas where it's used and it also contains ALCOHOL (not goood) I didn't know if I should mix the two active ingredients ben. perox. with my face wash which contained salicylic acid so I jus stuck to the foaming face wash and moisturizer wiht ben.perox.


so im big on ingredients in EVERYTHING! ACTIVE & INACTIVE. a lot of people read that junk on the back of the labels and fry their brains but I've been readin them and studying them since I can remember so they don't seem like a foreign language to me. anywhoo my question to all my fellow beauty bloggers is. im lookin for a moisturizing that is ....
>> fragrance free
>> alcohol free
>> w/ lactic acid
the active and inactive ingredient doesn't really matter much but as long as there's LACTIC ACID. if anyone have any other suggestions or advice, please feel free to leave a comment. I would appreciate it very much.

im still lookin my self. so I too will do some scavenger hunting lol. there was actually a grand opening to a skin care treatment spa around my way so im goin to stop by there soon. I heard it had alota korean based products available there shipped from korea on a good basis soo sounds like a snag.

thanks a bunches.
have a nice day.
thanks for bloggin =) lol

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Patricia G. said...

I f'ing love HOPE IN A JAR! I use the one for Dry sensitive skin on my problem areas and the normal one for the rest of my face and seriously my skin is the best it's ever been. They even have one with SPF. I don't know the ingredients though and I'm too lazy to go upstairs and check. lol. but go to sephora and ask for a sample first..that's what i did. tell me if you like it! oh yeah, and Clinique's Moisture Surge I hear is pretty awesome too.

Patricia G. said...

have you tried it yet? let me know how it went!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I give you props!! I have no patience for a skin care regime... It's good ol' Dove Beauty Bar for me. Whenever I try something new I get frustrated and go back to my Dove! Good Luck w/ your search!