Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coastal Scents VS BHcosmetics

ok so i gave in to facebook after being off of it for a year!!!

yes a whole year and my has it CHANGED! hahah but anyways, im on my home page and something on the side bar advertisements caught my eye! DID THIS SHIT SAY 120 PALLETE for 27.95??? HOLY FUK! hahaha so i click it, (i get clickin happy, virus and all that jank on my laptop is probably from my curious george ass clickin those ads) but it opens up to this fancy black layout site call BH Cosmetics and all of their palletes look like coastal scent's shit!!

is it me?

o is BH Cosmetics


maybe this is a fruad.

anyone ever heard of this?

BH Cosmetics 88 pallete for 19.95

CS 88 palette for $21.95

BH Cosmetic 66 Lip Palette 19.95

CS 66 Lip Palette 19.95


go see for your self.

2 ♥ comments:

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I read somewhere that the C/S palettes are made in Hong Kong, for super cheap and they buy in bulk to sell them.... I'm going to get click happy and check this out!

Misskatie24 said...

I bought from they are just fine. and if you look on and look up bh cosmetics there are many reviews on the products and yes they buy from the same supplier so its not a rip off. I LOVE coastal scents and then i found BH so now i buy fromt them. Its okay. =)