Sunday, May 3, 2009


So ... for the make up competition we got a buncha of idea for a theme. im on the neutral side and dont really care what the theme is i want a challenge so i dont mind at all. but some of the choices were

Madonna ( in her prime )
Disney characters
Heaven & Hell ( my suggestion )
Moulin Rouge
Under The Sea ( Mermaids )
50's 60's glam
Greek Gods
Pin Up

im pretty sure there were more but we narrowed it down by vote to do either Heaven & Hell or Under The Sea. So i come up with a lot of ideas, things im gonna use for scales and shit like that. Im like this is a tough one. but i def can work something out. Even though attire isnt goin to be jugded i thought it'd be nice to spice it up. but wtf how do i make an outfit for a mermaid with out puttin em in a tail so they can walk. hahaha anyway so 1 day in on officially choosing a competition theme it changes. and its wasnt anything we narrowed it down to it was ... MOULIN ROUGE! which is jus a tad bit easier to do. but considering alot of the face will jus look the same. REMEMBER OUTFITS AND ATTIRE AND PROPS ARE NOT BEING JUDGED. and with that said when it comes down to it, looks like outfit is going to make a difference because the make up is simply goin to be dramatic. therefore i HAVE to work on a outfit. i have two weeks =/ uh-oh.

so my sewing machince broke =[ sad.
and my friend Theresa moved into her new apt. as i was helpin her i noticed dress forms that she was throwing away. you kno the mannequins u place ur dress on or watever wardrobe to be fitted. well i snagged them . i now own 6! whooo =] and i bought a generic corset cuz im pressed for time and low on money, well not really i jus dont wanna blow to much on this jankkers lol. i need feathers and i seen this mini top hat clip at forever 21 that i wanted to get maybe i snag that too =] so wish me luck.

but anyways while thinkin MERMAIDS was still the theme. i played around on Theresa's face heheh. and did a fish tail on the corner of her eyes. it was a camera phone so the quality really fuckin sucks! but what do u think? enjoy.

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