Thursday, July 23, 2009


I finally hopped on the Blackberry bandwagon.

the phone is a gift so i didnt really have a choice...

i couldnt stretch it enough how i HATEDDDDDD it!

now that i've had this longer then a month,

im rely on it so much, that if i didnt have it i think i'd shit my self! hahaha

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!! wait til i post up pictures i been takin from it! whooooo!!!

ALSO! ... my twitter follow thingy that on the side of this page is gone and i cant get it back up.


follow me anyways.

3 ♥ comments:

Anonymous said...

yayyy blackberry!

Yves said...

Crackberryitis lol

Yves said...

Crackberries are awesome!