Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Cruising the city and i came across this masterpiece. 

i like the first one : GO OUT AND FIND THE ONE YOU LOVE.

If you have never experienced being loved or have given it, believe me, behind all that hurt and heartache there is a great thing that everyone should at least undergo at least once or as many times as it makes their heart pound before their heart stops, go out and find it. Who cares about what people say about letting it come to you, or if u been through hell and back over and over again. Everyone is different. Love is like having your first car being a piece of shit car. Engine all fucked up, or getting brake jobs out the ass and you still hear a squeak, or windows don't want to maneuver correctly, or  you swear you just got your oil changed yesterday, its time to do it again?? or serpentine belt falling off or getting a new transmission. HAHA! you get the point? yeah i have been through it with cars, I've learned so much though. Just from dealing with a shit load of cars that couldn't the job. But that's where my car analogy come from, sometimes you just have to go through a bunch of shitty ass guys to learn how to deal with a good one that come along. Man i loved my car. I had an old 98 black Honda Passport. I called him Essie (cause he was not yet an EScalade haha ) And i documented every time i broke down on the road, got towed, needed new tires and oh believe me EVERYTHING! and so what if it was a piece of shit, that was the love of my life and i gave him unconditional love. Still put up with him after all the money spent and struggles of gas, and insurance with no job at the time. But i lost him to PARKING TICKETS! (no not my own parking tickets, other people drove my car continuously that's another post it self, long story) but that was me giving up. It was too much $2000 to get it back. It wasn't worth it. When i had to get a new transmission it was $1500 already. It was like a relationship you put in so much effort into but sooner then later it just fucks up again. =\

Love is a force within it self. Will there be another Essie, hell no! But the next will be better. Don't give up on love just because you don't think you need it in your life. Or like its too much to have to deal with. What more in this world can you strive for? I live in the city, having a car is unnecessary, its more for personal preferences. But hell i am going to promise you that the next one will be less of a hassle. And even if it is, i will know exactly what to do with it.



and .... L O V E !!!!

Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty.
No beauty for today, but LOVE LOVE LOVE!

- Face Graffiti