Friday, February 6, 2009

LV & testosterone convo

i want that bag, when i went to go order it in pink, it was out of stock. it took me not too long to save for it. but now im gonna go splurge on somethings else. im in heavy need of shopping therapy. i was sooooo BUMMMMED! =/ i hate that LV's are USA made now. i walked in the LV [ that did not have the bag ] and i jus ... *smh*

i wonder if my comments or workin now? .... eh.
well its late. im goin nighty night.
jus had the worst convo with a bunch of testosterone filled males!
i backed up females 120% of the way. but since im the only girl
against 4 guys, its really hard to win.
here's a comment they said that really bugged me out!

Face Graffiti: ok but even when we're faithful its goes unacknowledged
TESTOSTERONE 1: so what!... you're suppose to be faithful
TESTOSTERONE 2: yeh, wat do u guys want, a prize??
Face Graffiti: no, but we want to a least be appreciated for it
TESTOSTERONE 3: blah blah thats all girls talk about is appreciation, but the once a guy is too busy to sit at home to watch a damn show wit you, she calls that next guy that will. [sarcasm] here *lifts hand* a trophy!

iuno i got quiet.
what a fukin asshole

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Brooklyn Bred said...

Testosterone 1, 2, & 3 sound perfectly logical to me. Lmao.

DSKNguyen said...

I agree..I'm mad that LV is made in the USA :(

They had that bag when I was in Vegas the other day. I took a pic lol