Friday, March 6, 2009

aww man... isn't this show called "G's to >>> gents"
LMFAO!!!! this vid is bad quality. but who cares. jus watch.

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PiinkCupcakez said...

omG your comments work! i didn't know lol

y Macho? y??

the 1st episode i was like oo hes kinda cute.. now i'm like wtf was i thinking lol

lipstick cherry said...

i hate this dude with a passion. hes from my city and he's makin niggas in chicago look stupid. i wish someon1 would run him over with a truck already

Drizzle Kid said...

Have they already started up a second season? I've watch the first season, it's fairly good for bored moments but I think it's a bit hollow. Not too much interesting content.

ANGE said...

YAY!!! ur comments work now!!! :)

i wanted to leave you some (few posts ago) but it was not co-operating.

how u been darl?


Neeyuh said...

omg macho was a mess! i laughed so hard when i seen that episode! lol

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DSKNguyen said...

isn't she awesome at taking pics!