Wednesday, April 1, 2009

shee-gloo / bebe STUDDED dress


in order for me to do what i love. i had to become a license professional. so i dont want u guys thinkin i skipped out on the blog scene. its been a shit load of time since i been in touched. but for those who have received comments or replies from me via blog & twitter, I STILL KEEP UP! lol

what started off as a day time job, jus something to put money in my pockets while i continued my college education and career, turned into something major. im a skin regime junkie, make up junkie. but i couldn't do facials or full make up apps @ this spa unless i was a license esthetician. thats where i've been. and let me tell you it was the greatest decision i've ever made in my life. because even though i paid a FUKIN SHIT LOAD for tuition for the school. i feels as thought i went to the school for free. for all the times i get a facial, aromatherapy wraps, back facials, eye zone treatments, mircodermabrasions AND WAXED & etc etc etc (everything u can imagine gets done in a spa) ....... i feels like it all equals to my tution. and even though i felt like i already knew everything it was great pickin up great tips and better way to do specific things and enhance my skills. i think i became better at massaging. the techniques i picked up works great on every client. =] like yoga stance so i dont hurt my back when givin back facials, u know things of that nature. but as soon as im finished i'll able to work. and then go back to school for my degree =]

i bailed out on the music world. =[ but i still write everyday. since i have since i was 6 years old. lol but the producers i worked with recently jus been really givin me a hard time with never being in the studio. DUDE IM IN SCHOOL!! AND IM SO DEDICATED. but w.e. touchy subject. there are other people i can work with in this world. i dont care how connected to the industry that production company was.

ok back to esthiology ...

in my kit. we got a shit load of false eyelashes! YES, A SHIT LOAD! im tellin u this is not school to me its like another fukin day of jus beauty and make up hahaha!

and with the eye lashes came SHE-GLOO.

we're allowed to use products at home. so i said fuk wit, let me try this shit out! and wow. i was amazed. i thought it was corny at first. plus its black adhesive but yo this shit is bomb. i mean i love both duo adhesive and she-gloo but for my nights out where i need my liner to look radiant! i go with this. no one in my class put it to use yet but i have and im almost all out and have yet to use it on a client (or practice model dummies) at school yet. sooooooooo.... im jus goin to order more! whoo! now the lashes i forget the brand but theyre not from the same makes as she-gloo.
click here if u wanna check it out. im goin to order some more she-gloo. =]

along with these lashes that i saw on the site, that i wanted to check out.

Feather Undereye Lash

a different color option.
im more into the colored ones. im goin to use it in the make up contest for the end of my term. i know, MAKE UP CONTEST! in school? FUCKIN AWSOME! eh?? they dont have much to choose from but u can skim thru >> click here

also. as i was searching for a dress to wear to a wedding. (which i did not find) i came across this one. now the FUCKIN PRICK oops sorry that slipped. "SALES ASSOCIATE" told me he havent been selling these bcause they havent been fitting right on everyone he seen try em on. and thought it wouldnt suite "MY BODY" right either. i grabbed that shit went to a fitting room and ran my ass out and walked all over the store like i was fukin NAIOMI (sp?) CAMBELL walkin behind TYRA BANKS bout to pull her weave out! shytttttttttt i was not playin! hahaha even tho the dress did look funky on me and was tight as shyt! hahahah he was jus fukin rude! oh well.

thats the dress on some lady.
im not gonna wear it unzipped down @ the bottom. so tacky.

thats the dress on a model for Bebe
you gotta see it upclose. those are STUDDS
its fukin sick if you ask me!
jus not weddin material! haha

and that is the dress on me! violla! =]
how u like them apples????????

P.S. im headin to target and grabbing eyeliner! whoo.
thank you guys a bunches for your suggestions!

and another thingg.
happy april fools day, i guess.
this use to be my fukin favorite holiday.
its a holiday for assholes to be an asshole!
and it be ok. wat more can i as for? >=)
last year today.
my friend passed away.
and i went all day thinkin it was a joke.
until i went over for dinner the next day.
and walked in on a funeral.


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PiinkCupcakez said...

u look hott in that dress!! u showed him! lol
looove the studs

and omG sorry about your friend..
thats crazy =[