Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SAKE BOMBS & Purple Haze Face

buenos dias bambinas y bambinos! bienvenidos! hahaha
los siento, =/ haha mi espanol es malo. I KNOW I KNOW!

SAKE [ sah - key ] BOMB!!
lol whoa! jus like any other "flaming Dr. pepper, or tic tac" that requires you droppin a small shot into a larger cup of booze! The way to gargle it is interesting. you place chopsticks at the rim of the cup and the tiny shot above the chopstick. lol you pretty much bang the table as if yu were a baby in a feeder chair whining, until it drops into the cup. theres a phrase you say. its like "1 sake (BANG), 2 sake (BANG) ..." until it falls, im not sure if that was the phrase tho, i dont remember. lol see photo below!
1. way too much booze. it didnt balance out, the shot was tasteless.
2. it didnt rise & explode into the cup, so there was no rush to drink it.
[ i practically was sippin on it for the rest of the night, not chuggin it ]
3. it WILL sneak up on you ... BE WARE! haha

[ p.s.] becareful it might get a bit messy & wet ... [ HA! dirty thoughts ]

i prefer thee flamming dr. pepper. its bicardi 151, armoretto & beer. once again beer in larger cup, & the shot cup is filled up with armoretto & at the very top place a good enough amount of 151 & light it up. you then drop it in the cup & it EXPLODES & rises. you pretty much have to chug it or say farewell to the pretty shirt you are wearing LOL.


on the other hand.
my look for the night
was inspired by...
a purple haze sunset.
and also from a scarf
that i had sittin around
in the room of doomed!
my room look like a jungle!
its sooo depressing!


1. disregard the awkward pose.
2. earring got in the way. i ♥ bamboo earings.
3. you dont have to wear it with purple its ok not to match
4. the look went better with brown eyes. [ removed contacts @ end of the night ]
5. only pic of the scarf that Rico Hardy has around him.

ok now off into the jungle! ugh cleaning is a drag!
tootles. have a nice day!
♥ ABS ;)

9 ♥ comments:

Francesca said...

sake and beer, mixed... uhg lol that's seems so unappealing.

Either way looks like fun, and now i really want try a flamming dr. pepper, lmao useless goal for the upcoming weekend ;p

Hairs to Beauty said...

thanks girl! imma add u to my blogroll

ainstein said...

when i say sake u say BOMB sake BOMB!
ahh the memories... ur so right about bein careful because that shit creeps up on u!

"back in the days" is the jam! such a chill song =)

yummy411 said...

i love smoke and purples... great look!!!!

fuzkittie said...

Hi AB!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments! :] I shall start stalking you! :p

kae said...

haha thank you! u just been followed too!

anyways, i've never tried a sake bomb, or any kind of bomb for that matter. my hubby had yager (sp?) bombs for his bday and i didnt wanna try it cuz it smelled like .. pepto bismol! lol

Kimberly Tia said...

i loooove your scarf and that gorgeous gray coat!!! WAAAHHH.

and sake bombs are EVIL. pure EVIL.

Patricia G. said...

Hey girl! So the bamboo earing give it away...You are from Philly! hahaha! One of my good friends is from North Philly and she rocks the bamboo earings like no ones business!

Thanks for stopping by my page! You make me miss my long hair. =\

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Thanks for the comment! I can stay in Starbucks all with a good book or my laptop. I'm trying to get into tea...
I've never had a sake bomb before, I'm going to have to try one! Your purple eyes are amazing. Thanks for the inspiration to keep playin' in my makeup!